Testimonial from Mark, a recent knee patient

I was experiencing extreme pain in both knees for about 2 months. I had previously torn my meniscus in my left knee and had it repaired 6 years ago. I was active up until the knee pain started at which time I couldn’t even walk. It hurt to do anything. After investigating alternatives to more knee surgery, I found Dr Pehrson at Vitruvio and learned more about stem cell treatment. After consulting with Dr Pehrson, I elected to receive treatment on both knees. The procedure was fairly painless and immediately after the procedure I had no pain related to the injections. After 4 weeks, I noticed a difference in how my knees felt and the pain had subsided greatly. It has been 12 weeks since the procedure and my knees feel remarkable! There is very little pain left and I am becoming active again. I would recommend this procedure to anyone!

Thank you Doctor Pehrson!

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